Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Love of My Life

This post is dedicated to the man that I love. We will be celebrating 12 awesome years of marriage this coming Sunday, and I just wanted to introduce this wonderfully, sexy specimen of a man to my extended blogging family.

It only takes a moment to fall in love, but it takes a lifetime to keep it burning.

With a quick pace, he walked into my life.

He is silent enigma of beauty and grace

with a soul that is loyal, genuine, and true.

His love for his family runs deep within his veins.

He enriches my life with something much more precious than jewels.

The gift he gives me could not be equalled by materialistic items.

His gift to me is love.

He loves me for who I am and he makes me a better person by doing so.
For when I hurt him, and I hurt him for I am only human, the pain I see in his eyes is unbearable. He is the mate to my soul, my star crossed love. Our destinies are woven together forever in the fabric of time. There is no other man that could make me happier. There is no other man that could love me the way that he does.


Suzanne said...

I'm crying. I love you. I'm so grateful you have one another. You know I could write so much more, but tears prevent me. I love you my dear. Happy anniversary to both of you.

With love and warm wishes,

Mr. Shife said...

Congrats to you and your husband. I hope you guys have a wonderful day on Sunday.

bindhiya said...

Dear Cecile,
Congrats on your Anniversary!
Wish you both a 100 more lovely years 101.. cause as of hindu belief only odd numbers..
♥ & ((hugs))

that is me deleted the comment cause my heart doesn't came through :)

Cecile said...

Thanks everyone, You are all so very special. And Bindi, thanks for letting me know it was you that deleted. Deleted comments drive me nuts. I have such an inquiring mind you know.


hubba hubba, what a good looking dude! wait, what? never mind... congrats! thats fuckin awesome!!!

Leah said...

Hi Cecile. That's really lovely. I thought you might enjoy the James Joyce quote I posted on my wedding anniversary this year, from my favorite short story "The Dead"; you can find it here: anniversary post. Happy anniversary to you both!

bindhiya said...

Dear Cecile,
I try to mail you...if you have another id please mail me... I walk around 10.30..11.00 am if
the weather is good.
Love and (((hugs)))

floots said...

a wonderful tribute

kylie said...

happy anniversary cecile and hubby (have you told us his name? i cant remember)
i've missed all you guys and i'm glad you've been visiting my blog. it's so nice to know you're all there
enjoy your weekend

Suzanne said...

I know you'll laugh too. You know what I love about this comment page? The personalities. You have collected such a rich blend of them. We're all so different, yet here we are loving and supporting you and most of the time, loving and supporting one another. I haven't met Mr. Shife, but every time I see the photo I want to say, "Honey, you might wanna shave!" because I can't believe that feels comfortable with a hat. And Inner Voices, can't stop swearing to save his life! We're missing a few, but they'll be here soon and Brian should be back from the dead March 9th if Mrs. CSI can wake him. All the women here matter. They love and support you no matter what. This is a beautiful place and coming here makes me happy. Huge exhale. Always.

We love you. You know that and wish you a beautiful day.

XO Suze and Rob :)

Recycled Cha0s said...

beautiful. love is an amazing thing when you find it and can appreciate it for life. you are very lucky :) as is he.