Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Surrender

The Surrender
I feel your body shudder with anticipation as I caress your lips with a sweet kiss.
I search your eyes for a commitment of safety and security,
I find none.
In a wild panic, I realize that I have been deceived.
I have been deceived by you and all of your oleaginous white lies.
All of your poisonous slander floods back to me.
Your words feel like a fire red branding iron searing my brain,
As you murmur your sincere, “I love you,” in my ear.
I try to shield myself from your malicious banter of deceit,
But my heart wants to believe you, so I become enslaved to you.
I lay here, like an insect trapped in a black widow’s web.
I am a prisoner of your noxious soul.
Slowly, as my resistance wanes, I realize the darkness of my own soul.
We two were brought together by fate.
Exhausted from all of this inner turmoil, I give into my heart.
Seductively you fill me up with your hot steamy love.
With the sweet taste of defeat on my tongue, I search your eyes again for a commitment.
This time, I find my forever.


Robyn said...

Well...well! Now that you have my tempurature this something you wrote? And thanks for stopping by!

bindhiya said...

Dear Cecile,
Beautiful poem....i am reading through tears....
love you

muser said...

Hi Cecile,

I assume this is a poem you wrote but I'm curious about its origin - a work of fiction or inspired by something in your life?

Thanks for the kind words you left on my post yesterday. Very kind indeed.

Might I also say congratulations on your twelve years of marriage. Unfortunately, twelve years is considered a long time to be married in our quick-divorce world. Well done for bucking the trend making your relationship last.

BBC said...

Um, some of that is pretty racy. LOL

Love, boy, is that hard to understand. I have a neat little book. "THE CURMUDGEON'S GARDEN OF LOVE" It's pretty interesting, and I've read a lot of other books about love.

The easiest women to love are women like Helen, others are not so easy for me to love.

I'm going to stop blogging so much and go back to my old life of actually doing useful things.

And summer is coming, I'll be spending more time at the beaches and camping doing my spiritual retreats.

Cecile said...

Yes, the poem is an original of mine. Most everything I put up is mine unless I mention otherwise.

Thank you. I hope you have a nice day.

Almost everything I write is inspired by some event that occured in my life. Sometimes our road to love is paved with rocks, but even when it is paved with asphault, when you hit it, it is still hard. Maybe if it would be better if it were paved with peet moss or feathers we would find falling easier. And yes, 12 years seems like a lifetime, but I wouldn't change any of it. I am just going to strap on and hold on for the next 12.

Well, we sure will miss that Einstine-like controversie of yours. But a mans got to do what a mans got to do. Good luck in whatever it is you do.

floots said...

i'm at work
hope no-one can see me steaming :)
powerful emotions
thank you

NAME: CIELO said...

Oh, what a romantic poem and pretty title banner! Love it! thank you for vising my "house in the roses" and for your sweet comment. It's a pleasure meeting you. I shall be back.



Gig said...

Beauiful words, thanks for sharing with us. I have been back several times to read again.

Hope you have a great day,