Saturday, February 9, 2008

When the waitress gives you lemons. Throw it away!

I saw the video below on You Tube and it made me laugh my ass off. I hope you all laugh too.
You will have to copy and past it into your address bar to view it. But trust me, it is well worth it.


BBC said...

I never order drinks with lemons.

Just coffee or water with no ice. Ice is also loaded with nasty germs most places.

Not that I worry about such things, it's a proven fact that trying to keep things too germ free isn't that good of an idea either.

Constantly taking in a few germs allows your body to develop a resistance to them.

People that are neat freaks often get really sick because they are neat freaks.

Cecile said...

Yeah, and as a microbiologist, I know that your mouth is the nastiest place on your body. And yet, I still manage to kiss my husband. I am a germaphobe only because my line of work causes me to think about what I'm touching. But I just keep lysol. Lots and lots of lysol everywhere.

cher said...

bbc-exactly why i pick my nose and eat it.
haha, sorry, that was gross.
although i didn't find this funny, i did give it a thought for the first time in my life.
was there supposed to be two links on this post? one under it? it's not complete if it is.

BBC said...

Hey, my oldest sister picked her nose and ate it when she was young. Sweet girl, but not very bright, died about a year ago.

It's never bothered me to kiss anyone, swap some spit, what the heck, I've had my mouth, um, never mind. :-)

I use bleach water to sanitize with when I'm cooking. When I got my food handlers card to cook in a cafe they claimed that is the best thing to use.

muser said...

Hey Cecile,

Good on you for using the internet as an incentive to do some housework. Otherwise you can waste hours online and not get anything done.

As for the girl: I am in a place in my life where I could move away. Some friends of mine have actually just moved to Canada and asked me to come too but I decided not to go. The girl is definitely worth chasing but I don't think she's interested in me and I don't want to go all that way just to be rejected. Plus, I think she's still with her boyfriend. I know what you mean about some girls being cold and distant and she is definitely not like that. She has such a good heart and that's why I think her keeping in contact with me doesn't mean she's interested. Anyway, I'll see what happens later in the year. I may decide to relocate and try to win her over but I'll have to be in a different place, emotionally, to do that. You can't go putting yourself out there if you don't believe you're worthy of what you want.

floots said...

well it made me think
i will certainly take some lemonentry hygiene precautions in future :)

m said...
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bindhiya said...

Hi Cecile,
thanks for this info. the next time (if i go to restaurant) i will be careful.
I drink only water outside thank you for this info.

billy pilgrim said...

if only rudy hadn't dropped out of the race, he could have dealt with those little lemon born agents of terror.

i love black dogs, yours has a excellent look to it.