Monday, February 18, 2008

These last few days

This is the skyline of the beautiful city, Little Rock. Actually, this is my view from the parking deck at work almost every morning. I arrive to work at the crack of dawn and I am rewarded with this amazing site. I'm going to miss this view. Becuase after Februrary, my view from work will be different. You see, I am changing jobs. Yes, I made my decision to take the new job, and I only have two more weeks left at my old one. So I'm going to be pretty busy. I have a lot of work to do in order to make this transition smooth for everyone.
So many of you are wondering where I have been, and some of you already know. I traveled to Missouri to visit my parents. And yes, they had snow! Although it wasn't the right kind of snow to make a snowman. It was hard crunchy snow. This photograph is of the old Baptist Home Nursing Home in Arcadia Valley, Missouri. The home was established in 1913, and it is quite haunting sitting up on the hill draped in snow. It sort of gave me the creeps. My grandmother used to work here. And a sister of mine was married here. In the summertime, the grounds are beautiful. The grass is very green and lush and there are lots of very big trees. But it is still creepy no matter what time of year you see it. (Shivers run down my spine when I look upon this site.)
Ah yes, and our trip would not have been complete without showing off the animal magnatism of my boys. Ginger the horse was quite taken with Nathan. They loved the snow! They were so excited, and traipsed around all afternoon.
It seem the cold didn't even bother them. This is my parent's view from their front porch. The horses belong to a sister of mine. I think they thought the boys were going to give them something good to eat. The horses are very spoiled.
They even learned about old times. This is Forrest standing beside an old antique plow in my parents front lawn. He wanted to know what it was used for. He thought it was cool.


Gig said...

Glad you and the gang are back safe and sound. The pictures are great! Sorry the snow was not good for making snowmen. But it looks like they found lots to do.
Congrats on taking the new job!
After rain yesterday, it is back to snowing tonight.

Suzanne said...

Welcome home sweetie. And good luck with the new job. I knew you'd take it. Change is good ~ it keeps you on your toes.

I think the old Baptist Nursing Home is gorgeous. But then, that's me. I look at the architecture and the landscape and just love it! I haven't actually stood there as you have, so perhaps you see and feel something I don't. I can imagine it in spring and summer. Beautiful. I'd like to live there! When you visit your parents again, take photos!

The photos with the kids enjoying the horses and visa versa were wonderful. Thank you for sharing not only them with us, but your journey. I always love coming here. Thank you dear friend.

Have a beautiful week.
Lots of love,
Suzanne :)

bindhiya said...

Dear Cecile,
Beautiful pictures! at last you got some snow!
Hope the new job will be great!
♥ to you and family.
I'll call you soon.

BBC said...

It's more winter there than it is here in gods country.

I hope that you enjoy the new job and it works out for you. I worked mostly for myself since moving here before reaching retirement.

I figure that if I'm going to work for an idiot that it should be me. LOL

Now I just mostly do volunteer work.

jeanetta said...

how awesome!!! for the snow and new job


great pics! i lived in misery for summers and then for a whole year when i was thirteen. garden city. just outside of harrisonville. middle of bum-fu#$ nowhere.... glad your trip was swell!

floots said...

lovely pix
good luck with that new job

Cecile said...

OK, I have to go out of order because one day I made a mistake and slighted someone. And that offended the little pansy ass.LOL, (just kidding) So, Voices THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT. I love seeing you here.
Gig, I hope you didn't get buried in the snow.
Suz, So glad you are feeling better. Did you not get a flu shot?
Bindi, I love you and I'm waiting for your call.
BBC, somehow, I you have stolen my heart in spite of your grumpy old fart self.
Jeanetta, YOu are my best friend forever. We really need to have lunch sometime soon.
And lastly, but certainly not least, Floots. Your words are so beautiful. I am so glad Suzanne introduced us.

BBC said...

Maybe you love me because of your grumpy old fart self? Hell, at your age I was caught up in the American dream and not paying attention to most things, how did you get so old so fast?

Really, I would like to know. And I'll toss in a (((hug)))

Mr. Shife said...

Well congrats on the new job. Exciting and stressful all at once. I think I like you even more knowing that you have family in Missouri. A lot of my family lives in St. Louis and that is where I was born. I am a big Cardinals fan and hope to see them in May when I visit the area.

NAME: CIELO said...

Beautiful photographs... I enjoyed seeing each of them... your kids are lovely... they grow so fast... enjoy them while you can!

And blessings to you and yours...


cher said...

beautiful pictures.
congratulations on the new job decision.
like i said, don't forget about the intimidation factor you have at your disposal of being in charge and new.

Recycled Cha0s said...

aw that paint horse looks remarkably like my paint that I grew up with. I miss her tons.