Friday, February 1, 2008

Reflections in Time.

Sometimes we all just need to take a step back and reflect upon the life that we live.

Do we attack life head on?

Or do we sit back and let life take us by suprise?

Or do we jump in and hope that we are just able to stay afloat and pray for a little help along the way?

I believe that we do all three, and it takes moments of peace and tranquility to help us put our lives back into perspective.

We walk around stumbling in the dark, desparately searching for a beacon of light to lead us to the right path.

And once we find that beacon, we climb to the top, searching for answers.

Sometimes the view from the top is breath taking.

And other times it seems like a long way down. Down the spiral staircase that we just climbed, stopping at every platform of life to catch our breath. Our heads swim as we look back and see how far we have come.

But the time will come when our ship comes in, and we are able to sail away to peace and tranquility. Oh how I long for that time to come.

The light at the end of the tunnle is just within my grasp.

For vacation is only two months away!


jeanetta said...

what a great narrative with the pics!

cher said...

awesome post! i had to post something else because you were right. oh, and i pimped you out a little on it. i hope that's ok

bindhiya said...

Great post and pictures..
hope you had a great day.

BBC said...

Nice pictures...

Sometimes we all just need to take a step back and reflect upon the life that we live.

Well, I'm almost twice as old as you are and I've lived my whole life having many experiences. 250 years stuffed in to 64 years.

They are memories just in case I get old, I will have many old memories to think back on, some good and some bad.

Hey have I told you about the time....... LOL

muser said...

Hey there,

Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my post. I still find the idea that people I've never met are reading what I wrote. I can't get my head around how people find my blog!

As for your things happening when I least expect them to, you're probably right. People have said that to me in the past but it's not what I want to hear. I mean, I'm not getting any younger! lol

Nice pictures, by the way.

bindhiya said...

Dear Cecile,
Please do mail me

ready for a surprise :)
I'll talk to you soon

Resonator said...

hi cecile,

nice thoughts and beautiful pictures.

Suzanne said...

Sweetie I'll write tomorrow ~ no time to even read your post b/c it's after midnight and I'm trying to play catch-up. Our computer has been out the past day and what a PITA. Just want you to know I'm thinking about you and we'll chat soon. XO Suzanne :)

Suzanne said...

Hi Sweetie,

Well I finally had time to read. Beautiful. I exhaled (that's always a good-thing!) and felt completely calm. The text is as wonderful as the photos. By the way, where were the photos taken? They remind me of coastal North or South Carolina, but I suspect you took them closer to home.

Honey, if you have time visit a poet I've met in the UK. Click on Floots in my comment section or go to my links and click on 1-land-1-site. As a poet and a writer, you won't be disappointed. There's one catch, he erases his poems after only a few day, so you have to be constantly on the alert! I didn't realize that until I couldn't find a poem I loved. Ugh. I learned a valuable lesson, and now print out everything I love before it disappears!

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday. Thanks for always staying in touch. So glad we met.

Much love, Suzanne

P.S. Where are you and the crew vacationing this year?

kylie said...

wow cecile, i didn't realise how long i had been away from your blog!
you've added so much.
i like it

Cecile said...

The pictures were taken on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The top one was taken near Ashville, NC in the smokey. We went there for a week in October of 2006. We rented the beachhouse, and visited all of the light houses on the outter banks. The white light house in the pictures is Ocracoke light house. It is the oldest working light house in the U.S. The black and white one is Hatteras light house. It is the tallest light house in the U.S. 208ft. There are over 250 steps and 7 landings to stop and catch your breath on the way up. Trust me, I know,I used every one of them! But as you could see by the pics, the view from the top was well worth it. The Outter banks is one of my favorite vacation spots. I'm not sure where we are going to go this year. We may just visit some of the many State Parks right here in Arkansas and save the big vacation for October. We love to go in October, not only are the pricess lower, but there are less people too.

Thanks for finding you way back again. HOpefully you won't stay gone for so long.

Everyone else:

Thanks so much for the comments, and compliments on the pictures. I love to take nature photography, so expect more posts like this one in the future.

'54Bomber said...

G'day Cecile,
What an inspirational post:) I couldn't top that. I have saved it on my favorites.
Your vacation can't come soon enough I'm guessing.

Have a good week,

'54Bomber said...

G'day again,
Here is some info on Flinders Street Station . . I am being lazy . . this is a copy & paste:

Architecture — Flinders Street Station
For more than a century the grand Edwardian baroque building of Flinders Street Station has dominated Melbourne's southern boundary. The design was selected by an architectural competition held in 1902, and the red brick and golden cream stucco building was constructed between 1905 and 1910.

Trains had been arriving at Flinders Street since 1854. The present building is the most spectacular of a number that have stood on the site. Stretching along Flinders Street for more than a city block, and boasting grand archways and an expansive ballroom, it is public architecture on a majestic scale — a symbol of the importance of railways to the growth of the city and its suburbs.

Flinders Street Station has become far more than a place of transit. Meeting 'under the clocks' is a Melbourne institution, and the building arguably remains the city's principal landmark. Recently refurbished and repainted, Flinders Street Station is as resplendent today as ever.

© Museum Victoria Australia

BBC said...

Cher won't post on her blog again until she get her hands on some more really good drugs. LOL

Just kidding, she just waits until she has something really good, so you have to wait for it.

But not me, I just never shut the hell up. The good, the bad, and the ugly, I put it all out there, sharing all that is in my mind. :-)


power and strength.... how do you do it? uuggghh...

Robyn said...

Great stuff!

Gig said...

Awesome! I loved the pics and your writing is great. Thanks for an inspirational start to my week. Hope you have a great week.

Mr. Shife said...

Well the creative works of your mind certainly came through in this post. Very nicely said and illustrated. Thanks for sharing. By the way where will you be vacationing?

CSI Seattle said...

Hey, well done. You put some time into creating this post and it turned out great.

How cool that you were in Ashville, NC. I was just there in October and went to see the Biltmore Estate. Didn't see anything beyond that, but Ashville was great.

When you decide where to go for your next vacation, let us know. We will all meet you for dinner.


floots said...

fantastic series
thank you
(thanks also for your visit)

Suzanne said...

AM I GOOD, OR WHAT!!!??? Honestly honey, I have an eye for...well...what? I'm not quite sure, but apparently for coastal NC! And you know what's so funny? I've never even been there! Oh, and Brian's suggestion. That's a good one. Yup, let us know and we'll all show up. Wouldn't that be absolutely insane!? I couldn't imagine a better time. We'll have to actually do that at some point. Seriously.

I looked into moving to Ashville, so it's funny you're all mentioning it. My friend is in Raleigh (actually lives in Cary, but works in Raleigh) and my mom made a comment that blew me away. I've wanted to relocate to the Northeast since 911 to be near my family, but Mom said, after hearing Diana wants me in North Carolina "Go for it, enjoy your life." It was the most unselfish comment she's ever made. I couldn't believe it. I'm seriously thinking about it. They're in a drought however and you know that concerns me with the garden and roses! However, her hubby is a commercial pilot and currently transporting diplomates all around Africa. I said, "Can he transport the kitties to NC?" She replied "Of course." I believe that's my answer because that's my major concern.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, life is often so simple! Right?

XO Suzanne

muser said...

Hey again, Cecile,

Thanks for your kind words about my latest posts.

I'm with you about not being sure of what to do with myself when I grow up. And, like you, I hope I never do. I know I've got a lot of time ahead of me but I don't know what to do with it and I'm scared that I'm wasting my life. But I'll get there one day.

Keep the pictures coming, you've got quite a loyal following!

Suzanne said...

Muser, do you know why she has a loyal following? Because she's relentless in her pursuit of us!