Thursday, January 31, 2008

They were born with a silver spoon.

I took the boys out to dinner tonight. I swear they have expensive taste. First of all, they wanted fried calamari. Then Nathan ordered linguini with clams, and Forrest ordered lobster ravioli. The waitress was somewhat suprised about the mature pallet my 6 year olds have. They were very upset with me when I would not allow them to waste $1 each to get a giant bouncy ball out of the little machine at the door. They whinned the entire time I spent buckling their seat belts. I asked them, "What were you born with a silver spoon in your mouth?" They both answered in unison, "YES." Well if I hadn't been present at the time of their birth, then I would have believed it. Boy, what spoiled rotten kids. But, man I love 'em.


'54Bomber said...

What expensive taste your boys have! I was often asked the same question. Another question that I was often asked is, "Do I look like I'm made of money?"
BTW we have that Garfield saying on our fridge door.
I loved the boys' reply :)

Take care,

Cecile said...

Yes, it was a very innocent reply. For they had no idea as to what I ment. But I suppose it is only natural to want something more than you already have. I'm pretty sure that it is human nature, as sad as that may sound.


keep em on the good food! so hard to get kids to eat a balanced meal!!!

BBC said...

I eat to live, not live to eat. And I stay active. So even at my age I'm still slim and trim enough.

I didn't allow my kids to have expensive tastes, it hasn't got any thing to do with loving them.

It has to do with not allowing them to break the bank for some food.

Kids will break your bank if you allow them to.

I don't order expensive meals when I go out to eat, not even if someone else is paying for for it.

Especially if someone else is paying for it, I refuse to take advantage of others that way.

I seldom order a meal that is over ten dollars and I'm happy will one that is five dollars.

The difference between a five dollar meal and a thirty dollar meal is twenty-five bucks.

Let's see, a five dollar turd or a thirty dollar turd. Hell, they look the same to me.

Besides, I prefer to cook my own food because I know how I like it and it's a lot cheaper.

Suzanne said...

Cecile...this is such a good blog! I stop by and laugh a lot! Not just at the posts, but the comments. You sure have collected a lot of keepers!

XO Suzanne

floots said...

wow - i must be such a smart guy :) :)

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