Thursday, January 17, 2008

A day in the life.

Yes, I cannot get enough of the wonderful world of blog. I wanted to share one of my stories with you. But before I start we need to loosen up our jaw muscles. I would not want you to injure yourself from too much laughter. Open you mouth very wide, hold it for a few seconds now close it again. There that should be good, now sit back and enjoy the story.

"A Day in The Life of a Guppy at My House"

Crystal blue water flows softly through Charcoal Filter Falls. We are swimming peacefully in our tranquil five gallon home. Light dances off of the lava rock, creating tiny rippled rainbows that float through the pristine water. All is quiet and still. We flurry through our daily routine: swim, eat, poop, swim, eat, swim, poop, mate, eat, poop, and swim. Live is good here in Tankville.
Oh, I see something on the fake log!
Drats it is only a piece of poo. Oh well, I guess I will just swim some more."

But suddenly two dark shadows hover over Tankville.
Oh no, it is the alien monster boys. They have come to scoop us up in the giant green fish net of terror!
I frantically swim away from this horrible green mesh casket of doom, but alas, Tankville is too small and soon I am trapped. My fate is sealed and soon I shall take a ride on the Porcelain Express.

As I lie there in the clasped hand of one of the alien monster boys, I gasp for air. I long to be placed back into my five gallon sanctuary.
I long for my meager existence of eating, swimming, and pooping.
Darkness is closing in around me, as the two evil alien monster boys fight over the right to extinguish my life.
I hear footsteps off in the distance. They fall heavily on the floor. My hopes rise, perhaps it is the big one the other fish call The Savior. I hear harsh words spoken by The Savior.
"Get out of the fish tank," yells The Savior.
"Give me that fish."
I find myself being pried away from the alien monster's tightly clasped fingers. The Savior is now scrutinizing me for any signs of life.
Must try to breath.
In a desperate attempt, I gasp for air, signaling to The Savior that I am still alive.
The Savior quickly places me back inside the protective confinements of Tankville. I inhale a large gulp of water and absorb as much oxygen from it as possible. This time I have survived and I am thankful. But tomorrow, I may not be so lucky.


bindhiya said...

I am waiting for those days!!!
I know it is not going to be fun...

One day one of my friend and her 3 year old baby boy visited us. he started climbing, jumping, throwing things and all that naughty stuff. My Serene was watching him. When he left She started doing that too.

Hope you had a good day.
Thank you so much for stopping by and checking on me.

Cecile said...

Well, Serene gave you a golden opportunity to teach her how not to act. Parenting is soooooo not easy. You can get all of the advice in the world, but each child is different, and what may work for one many not work for another. It is trial and error my dear. Just remember that hind site is 20/20, so you cannot beat yourself up when you look back at your decision. You just do the best you can and pray for the least amount of scars. Your Serene looks like a happy baby and I am sure that she feels love, so you are doing a wonderful job.

bindhiya said...

Yes, Serene is a happy baby...Not so much to play and like to have friends...
She is so sweet...when i cook she will ask me to give to her friends too...only one baby around here...
talk to you soon

Suzanne said...

Thank God for the "savior." Honey, have you considered giving the boys a 101 class in "Respecting Other Living Creatures?" That might do it. As you and I both know, education is the key! That is one lucky Guppy. Thank you for saving it's life because I almost didn't read your entire post for fear the outcome would be horrible. Good job, now teach them what NOT to do! Good luck with that.

I also want to thank you for your kind and helpful words to Bindi. It's so stressful and hard being a mom and it's nice to know you have support. I knew you and Kylie would be terrific and you are. Thank you sweetie. I'm so happy we met. Here's to a long friendship (I'm raising a glass of water, it's all I have!).

Happy Almost Birthday! I loved Bindi's card for you. What a sweet gal. Talk to you soon. Love your blog.

A huge hug, Suzanne

P.S. You and the boys and the dog have to go to a new blog I've discovered. Click on Tena on my favorite blogs. Page down to the YouTube video of the dog. You will love it! That is an amazing dog! XO

Cecile said...

Trust me, they know to leave the fish ALONE now. I wrote that story about a year ago. As for my dog. She is pretty amazing because the boys can be pretty rough with her, but she is so gentle with them. They are getting better. I know it seems that they are just wild, and sometimes they are, but for the most part they are good boys. But that is just the problem, they are BOYS. And wheather they are little boys or big boys they do crazy things. Hopefully Bindi won't have that problem with Serene.

inherwritemind1 said...

Hi Cecile,

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I left you a comment.

Fish: my son won a fantail goldfish at the children's fair. You know, the kind they have in baggies? He brought it home and that thing lived for FIVE years. It died on Easter morning. Sort of symbolic somehow...

Cecile said...

Hopefully it did not rise from the dead three days later. LOL.