Friday, January 18, 2008

The Cat Who Ate the Rat

The following was my first attemp at a Dr. Seuss version of a children's story. As you can see, it ended up a little PG13, but it's still pretty funny. Enjoy!

We all have read A Cat in a Hat,
But have you heard the one of how the Cat ate the Rat?

Yes, I know it sounds really gross,
But this is how the story goes.

The Cat was sleeping one day in bed,
when the Rat decided to poke out his head.
He poked his head out of his hole,
and on a journey he decided to go.

He crept his way throughout the house.
He walked as quietly as a mouse.
The mistress of the house spotted the Rat.
Can you imagine what happened after that?

With a broom in one hand, dustpan in the other,
She started screaming, "Oh, HOLY MOTHER!"
""Where on Earth is that useless house cat?
I need him now to come catch this rat!"

From out of his sleep, the cat was awaking.
His heart was pounding, and his body was quaking.
The Cat began to assume his role,
he chased the Rat right out the window.

They ran out the window, into the yard,
All the way to the crosswalk guard.
The crosswalk guard, she blew her whistle,
But the Cat and Rat were as slick as a thistle.

They made their way across the street.
Not a single car on their way did they meet.
They made their way to the neighbor's front yard.
The Rat, he was breathing tremendously hard.

The Cat, he was nimble, quick, and fast.
He pounced on the Rat there in the grass.
He caught the Rat between his two front paws,
And then he instinctively began to gnaw.
Sorry Suzanne
He quickly chewed off the poor Rat's head.
Now the nasty big Rat is dead.
This put an ending to all of the rouse.
Did this sound anything like Dr. Seuss?


bindhiya said...

Sure you have wonderful future as Dr. Cecile!!!
good Lord! am telling all the stories i heard, i know, i can imagine...
Serene want to hear "meow stories and bow stories"...

take care

Cecile said...

Thank you. I love to write children's stories. I have one in the middle of publication right now that I have spent a small fortune on. But, it will be worth it to see it completed. I'll keep you posted on it's progress.

cher said...

hello cecile! thanks for swinging by my blog! you are most welcome anytime!

that poem was awesome!

twin boys. wow. well my boys are 15 months apart and i am barely hanging in there. my sister has twin girls. she didn't leave the house much for about the first 2 years.

'54Bomber said...

G'day Cecile,
Here is my URL address:
Hello Cecile,
A very captivating rhyme.
I hope to hear another one time.

Reading your story has made me a poet,
I'm talking in rhymes and I hope I can stop it!!!

A very good story, Cecile. And you are sounding very much like Dr. Seuss. :)

- Helen

Suzanne said...

You will never believe this, but I was paging down slowly, so when I got to the cat catching the rat I said out loud, "OH NO," (and of course the kitty came running ~ nothing new) and was about to stop right there, but paged down a bit further and saw your comment to me. I'm still laughing honey! That was too funny! How did you know?! Well, I made it through to the end, but wanted to kick your a**. The writing is amazing and I love your work, but why couldn't the rat survive? :( I'm not good with pain or death, so perhaps you can take that into consideration now that I'm a fan of your blog!

Big hug, Suzanne

Cecile said...

I laughed so hard at your comment. I actually had tears streaming from my eyes. My sweet little Javie dog was so concerned that she started whimpering and nudging my arm with her nose. Thanks, This is one of my most favorite poems I've done, but for some reason, I don't think it would make a very good Children's story. TOO much violence and slight vulgarity. But thanks for the compliment. I'll take them anyway I can get them.

Suzanne said...


No honey, I DON'T think it's a children's story! Perhaps appropriate for adults like Cher! You are a complex and complicated woman young lady. I'm still trying to figure out what the h*** hit me when your drove on to my blog because I assure you, I WAS looking both ways.

Glad I gave you the laugh you gave me. Too much fun. And isn't it wonderful when the dog worries about tears. I adore that about T-Bone too. I know only to well that little nudge of concern on the arm. Too sweet. We're lucky to have that you know. Did you watch the dog in the snow video on Tena's blog? I love that thing and watch it often just for the laugh.

Keep writing ~ I enjoy your world. Hope you're having a great day.

Love and hugs,