Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The one I missed.

OK, Jeanetta, at your request here is "The Silent Embrace".
Yeah, I can see why you requested this one. I had forgotten how pretty it was. I have to agree with you, this is the best one I have ever done. For everyone else, sorry for my little public conversation here with my friend. This particular painting was created as a wedding gift for a co-worker and friend. The rumor at work is that I always give the best gifts at Christmas time. Hey, they are entitled to their own opinions. But as you can tell, I never create art to keep it. I usually create it and then give it away. Good thing that I have a day job!


jeanetta said...

yeah!! and i have tagged you :P. 5-8 radom things sbout you.

CSI Seattle said...

Hey there,

Been meaning to stop in and say hello. Thanks for stopping in at my blog the other day. It's been a crazy few days, but it's been fun.

Hope your well,


'54Bomber said...

Whew! Well I've finally made it to your place. You will understand that it's been pretty hectic in blog land lately. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments at my place.
I really like your paintings. They remind me of silk-screen prints. What medium do you use?

Kind thoughts.

bindhiya said...

I find you from Suzanne's blog.
Happy New Year"
your artwork is beautiful.
take care