Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Raining Rocks!

Well, I am off work today, but not really. I had to get up and get my children dressed and off to school this morning. I had such wonderful plans of coming back home and going back to bed to sleep until noon. Unfortunately, we stepped outside to get into the car, and Forrest hollored at me, "MOM, IT'S RAINING ROCKS!" Yes, it was sleeting. And it was already starting to cover the sidewalk. I put the kids in the car and drive them to school. Deposit them with those fine well trained babysitters, and come back home. I set the alarm clock for 10 am (I know it's not noon, but....) I can't sleep. What if they call off school? I can't be asleep and not know if school is cancelled. The boys can't walk home in the cold wet wintery mix that we always tend to get here. It has been so long since I have seen just a nice wet snowfall. We always either get freezing rain or sleet and then a dusting of snow to top it off. I want to make a freakin snowman this year people. A big snowman. One like I used to make when I was a kid. The boys and I got to make a snowman once. It was about two years ago. But anyway, back to the situation at hand. I am unable to sleep and lounge due to fear of school closings. And if school closes, then I will have to reschedual the art craft I have planned for their classes today. But I suppose there is one bright spot amongst all of this drab... At least I'm not trapped in that 7th level of HELL, I call Work!!! At least that is what it has felt like this week. Every one have a safe and happy day, and watch out for the falling rocks, one might just get into your eye.


jeanetta said...

yes i am hoping that my kids will finally get to see snow and play in it. they hear all the preditions and get so excited.

'54Bomber said...

Hi Cecile,

There's not a worse feeling; wanting to sleep but unable to because your brain has put you on 'standby' (ie expecting a call that might not happen) and not 'hibernate' ( ie everything's fine , I can sleep).It seem like it was a miserable day weather wise. I really do empathise with you but am having some difficulty conveying it via this medium.
Here's a hug, just for you ( )


Cecile said...

Thanks Mark,
I did get some sleep. Not long after writing the post, I looked outside and saw that the sleet had turned to rain. So I slept for about two hours, then went to school and did the art project, then I cam back home and slept two more hours. I have had such a stressful week at work that I think my body wanted to just shut down and vegetate today. I am hoping that after a good nights sleep tonight, I will be rested enough to tackle the next half of the work week for me. It is, unfortunatly, my weekend to work.

Cecile said...

Well, there is still a chance this rain will turn to snow tonight. Maybe fate will smile down on us and grant us at least one snow day this year.


i'll cross my fingers for you with the snow. we have had some this year and its been great!

bindhiya said...

Hi Cecile,
I'll cross my fingers for you to get some snow...I'll try to take some photos...but today is a miserable day for me...nothing is done...a big pile of laundry to do, Serene having one of those no nap days....but it is ok as long as she don't cry..
Try to get some more need some rest..
take care

BBC said...

You seem to be popping up on all of my blogs of interest,

I come and go, I've been blogging for almost two years and I know that our tastes change and our readers come and go.

My blog is very controversial at times and I often test others thinking and have only a few readers that understand me well enough that they have stuck with me for the long haul.

It's okay, it's just where we are at this time in time and space.

That is a beautiful picture at the top of your blog.

BBC said...

Ah, I watched a pirates movie the other day, dead mans chest as I recall, and thought it was stupid.

I tend to hit non-fiction and life's problems head on instead of escaping into things like that.

Cecile said...

Hey Bobby,
The picture at the top of my blog was taken at a park in Missouri called Elephant Rocks State Park. It is actually a big granite quarry. The park has many huge natural granite rocks that the kids both young and old can climb around on. The weather was perfect on the day I took that picture. A beautiful fall day. Thanks for the compliment. I got several very beautiful shots of different areas of the park that day.

Mr. Shife said...

Well I hope you got to enjoy your day. If you want snow we have plenty out here in Idaho. And I did break your Dad's rule with that blog post but I am a dumb, white guy according to my blog's title. I try to keep it lighthearted most of the time but sometimes I break down and bring up that dirty word - politics.

Suzanne said...

Great post. Hope you're slowly recovering. Are you going to change jobs if possible? Seem like a healthy option. Love you sweetie, Suzanne :)