Saturday, January 5, 2008

My thoughts on today.

OK. I have decided that after yesterday's post we needed something a little more upbeat. We must not slip into negativity this early into the new year. So, I am going to share with you two upbeat and positive poems.

The Last of A Dying Breed

I'm the last of a dying breed.

I was born to remain forever free.

I travel the world like a gust of wind;

Always searching in every man for a friend.

I live my life just for me;

Free of envy, hate, and greed.

I know that joy awaits me 'round every bend,

And I will remain true to myself until the end.

I tell you like it is, and I say it from the heart.

I live my life to the fullest, not just in parts.

So give me an inch, I won't take a mile.

I'm always quick to return your smile.

Just let me live; just let me be,

Because I'm the last of a dying breed.

My second poem is just a fun little ditty, where I tried to be witty, and possibly passed, but most likely failed. If it makes you smile, then it was worth the while. Oh rats, rhyming is hard can't you tell.


A poem can be written about love or hate;

about where you go or what you just age.

It can be full of rhythm and rhyme.

It can be ranting and ravings in some body's mind.

It can be short and it can be long.

It can be the musical words of a song.

But no matter what your subject may be,

It will always come out as poetry.

I hope you enjoyed them. AND I wish each and every one of you a wonderful new Day.


Gig said...

Thanks for stopping by and your kind words. I really enjoyed your poetry, and the second one did get a chuckle out of me! Keep up the good words.
I am sorry about the sadness you are going through with the health issues with your parents. Try to take it 1 hour, 1 day at a time.
Know that there are friends out here that will be thinking of you.

Good thoughts to you.

CSI Seattle said...

This post feels better today, and it sounds like you may be feeling better as well. The poems are very nice as well.

I suspect that Sunday will be a good day as well. Plan on it and it will be.