Monday, January 14, 2008

Pinewood Derby Massacre

Well, we survived the Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby on Saturday. Unfortunately, the boys' cars did not fare very well. I have found that the art of car making may be an art that I have not perfected yet, but give me time. I am sure that with a few more years of practice, I will. The car pictured to your left is Forrest's creation, with my help (Oh and my husband did put in an hour or so on it too! I can't take all of the credit, but I would like too.) The car came in dead last in all 5 heats.(At least we were consistent.) But it did win the award for The Best Accessorized. Sadly, they spelled his name incorrectly on his certificate. But Forrest is quite a resilient boy, he told me that he was a winner, and I told him, "Yes, you are."
And then there was Nathan. My sweet baby had his heart set on winning a trophy. He was so excited about the first race. He became absolutely crestfallen when his car came in last in the first heat. He picked up his car and cried all the way back to where I was sitting. Then he put his head in my lap and cried very hard. It broke my heart. I just didn't quite know what to say. I held him close and told him that it didn't matter if he wins or loses, that the whole point of the race was to have fun. But he was terribly upset when his car came in last almost time. We both hooted and hollered when he came in third in the last heat. But he did win an award. Although, I'm not sure it was one he was too proud of. I personally think that his car is cool. He was much happier when several of the boys in the neighborhood told him that his car was awesome.

We really had a busy day. The race started at 9am and did not end until 1:30pm. It was quite exhausting to keep an eye on both of them amidst the sea of people packed inside the small area we were in. There were a total of 85 racers, plus their family members, so you can imagine how packed the place was. They had two modified stock cars on display outside, so the boys really thought that was cool. Forrest had climbed inside one of them and managed to hit the start button. To my surprise the car started up and lurched forward, nearly pinning a kid between the two cars. It scared me so badly that I berated the owner of the car for allowing the kids inside when the battery was still hooked up. I told him that if he was going to allow the children to climb all over the car then it should be fixed to where they couldn't start it. He just apologized, and turned very red. I took the boys inside and they did not go near the cars after that.
After the race, we rode our bikes for two miles around the neighborhood, we went out to dinner and had fried calamari and Italian food and finally we were beat. Forrest was so tired that he fell asleep on a pile of covers beside his bed. I was washing his bed clothes and did not have a chance to get his bed made. He looks so sweet and innocent lying there asleep. I didn't have the heart to move him. He looked very comfortable and peaceful. You see, God makes them look like angels when they are sleeping so that we do not kill them while they are awake.(just kidding, I think.) Right now, they are behind me screaming and slamming doors and trying to kiss each other, and basically pestering the dickens out of each other. But no one had cried out in pain yet, so I know they are not hurting one another. I just hope the house can survive. We will be heading to our weekly Boy Scouts Den meeting soon. I had to plan our activity for the night, because our den leader forgot. (Sometimes I wonder who the real den leader is.) We are going to make puppets out of brown paper lunch sacks. Amazingly, I had all the stuff we need just lying around the house. (I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not. It was a lot of stuff, I think I need to clean house.)

But as you can see, our lives are so busy and tiring that even our dog is worn out. But at least it is filled with love! And lots and lots of noise!


Suzanne said...

I haven't stopped laughing. Seriously.

However, I was so hurt the kids didn't win. But that wasn't the point. When Nathan cried, I cried. Life in the eyes of a child is so different and precious. I wish for him, circumstances had been different. As a mom, I have no idea what I would have done or how I would have handled his disappointment. That's just too hard for a parent. You did a good job. You have amazing kids and you're amazing parents.

Thank you for taking the time to write this post tonight. I just love it. It matters.

Love you dear,
XO Suzanne

'54Bomber said...

Hello Forrest and Nathan,
My name is Mark and I am sending you this message from, Melbourne, Australia.
I reckon your cars are ace :)
I am sure that you both had a great time at the Derby and are really pleased with your awards.
I hope you aren't dissapointed you didn't win because you shouldn't be. I'm sure your mom and dad are proud of you.

Hoo roo (goodbye)
ps I like your dog.

jeanetta said...

i hate it when people misspell names!!! you know how i am about my name and when i was teaching a fillout certificates thats the one thing i always made sure i did was get the name right.

CSI Seattle said...

What a fun post. What a busy mom...

The lesson of winning and losing is a tough one. I guess we all have to go through it, both as children and parents.

Thanks for your visit to my site.

Have a great week!


Suzanne said...


You're amazing. I love that you talked to the kids.

XO Suzanne