Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's all about me!

Well, I have been tagged. You see there is a blogger game going on and now I'm it!. Thanks to my wonderful friend Jeanetta, I have to tell you all 5-8 weird things about myself. My, I'm not sure that I'm that interesting, but I guess your about to find out.

1. Well, I am a Microbiologist. Which means that I work with bugs. Which in turn causes me to think about anything I touch. I am so obsessed with germs that during cold and flu season I carry Lysol wipes with me everywhere I go. If my family and I go out to eat, I will wipe down the table, salt and pepper shakers, the wall... anything that my family or I would possibly touch while we are there. I also wipe the handle of shopping carts before I touch them, and I carry the Lysol wipe with me to wipe my hands frequently. I'm not a complete germaphobe, but close.

2. I do not eat anything that is over 24hours old. Therefore, if we don't finish the leftovers by the next day, then our dog gets them. Which may explain why my dog is about 20lbs overweight. Oh, and I never leave food in a community refrigerator, ie at work. I don't trust what other people has done to it.

3. I like peanut butter by itself on a spoon, but I do not like it on bread, or with jelly, on in cookies, or candy bars, etc. Just plain peanut butter.

4. Crap! This is hard. I'm only on #4? I have a son at my elbow asking me to make stone soup. (I am guessing they read that story in school today) He has 3 rocks and he wants me to get him a pot. He is telling me that I need to buy carrots, but that we already have milk. He just carried the whole gallon and sat it on the desk. He told me that he is making a list of things to buy for the soup. He wants to know what else would be good in stone soup. Any suggestions?

5. I'm the only one out of all of my siblings to graduated high school with honors (The fact that I am the youngest of 10 children proves that this was not a simple task.)

6. I don't like to sit in a public place with my back to the door. I don't particularly like to have my back to the majority of the room either. I prefer to be seated with my back to a wall in the farthest corner of the room. HMMM, that almost sounds paranoid. But I promise, I'm not schizophrenic.

7. I get very offended when people call me anal retentive or obsessive compulsive. (LOL) JUST KIDDING.

8. And lastly, my husband and I have a nickname for our belt that we threaten the kids with. We call it Pumpkin Pie. It sounds so much better in public to shake you finger angrily at your child and tell them that if they do not behave that they are going to get a piece of pumpkin pie when they get home. The funny thing is that I rarely have to ever use pumpkin pie. Just the threat is sufficient enough.!

Whew! That was tough. Now then. I have to tag 4 more people and they are suppose to tell 5-8 things about themselves. Well, this should be easy, there are only 4 of you that read my page. So CSI, Bomber, Suzanne, and Bindhiya TAG YOUR IT!! Have fun with it. I know I did.


bindhiya said...

Yes, children's teach us a lot.....
Here it goes my list of weirdness
I am 100% aristocratic Hindu married to a christian (who don't believe in church) .... :)
I like the rain so much, i will take my baby out for a walk... in the rain..
I like to add a bit of hot sauce in all most any food..even dessert...
I don't like to eat in a restaurant...cause i don't know what to order ...(cause i don't eat meat, egg or fish)
I attend church with my baby every week even though i don't understand anything...
this is enough

Cecile Balding said...

That was sweet,Bindhiya. I like the rain too. Once my husband had to carry me inside because I didn't have sense enough to come in during a thunderstorm. But the sky was so pretty and the rain was so warm and it was running in streams down the street and I just had to jump in the puddles one more time. It is lucky lightening did not strike me.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for doing that to me my dear! I don't even think there are 5! But I will try. I laughed at yours and absolutely love that Bindyiya published hers here. Bindhiya, you're too sweet! From now on when someone "tags" you honey, write it on your blog so all your readers can gets to learn something new about you. And Bindhiya, I loved yours. :)

And my dear Microbioligist friend how can you be so obsessed with germs? That is too funny. You know you're probably just creating supergerms by using so my Lysol!!

Congrats on being the youngest of ten and doing so well in high school. I'm the second oldest of nine and I really struggled in high school, but blossomed in college.

And last but not least, the belt. Have you ever considered watching the Nanny show. I forget what it's called, I think it's actually called "The Nanny." She's from England and she's terrific. It's been on the past few years and won rave review. We don't even have kids, but still watch when we can remember because she has a very positive approach to rearing kids and she's brilliant at bringing families together who might be struggling with behavioral issues. The lessons she teaches simply help people in every day life as well, not just with children. I'm not a belt believer or hitting in general, towards kids or animals, so you and I differ in that regard. Good luck my dear!

Thank you for picking me and I can hardly wait to see what the rest write. Hope you're having a good evening. Love to see you on my blog ~ and Stone Soup? I don't know about that one. I'm a pretty good cook, but that's a challenge for me!

XO Suzanne

Cecile Balding said...

Well, as for the belt thing, I usually don't have to use it. I was raised on corporal punishment, so I guess I am a product of my environment. My boys are for the most part well behaved. (more so at school than at home) We are an extremely close nit family. We do everything together. And I am pretty sure that they will not be scarred by "Pumpkin Pie". But I have not watched The Nanny, even though it has been suggested several times. Especially right after the boys flooded my bedroom last year by dumping the entire jucuzzi tub of water out onto. (I was folding clothes and other household chores and not properly supervising them during this time.) But, at least I got new floor covering in my bedroom just in time for Christmas. Which thrilled me. I had carpet, and I hate carpet.(too many germs can be trapped in carpet!) Now I have nice easy to clean tile.

Suzanne said...

You make me laugh. And I'm so glad you got new carpet because as you know, it's germ heaven! We spent nearly $10,000 on our dog T-Bone because he had such severe allergies, only to discover that when we bought this house, with all hardwood floors, his allergies simply went away.

As far as corporal punishment and being a product of your environment...the good thing is we all have the ability to change. You should watch The Nanny. She'd rock your world! Seriously. And you'd laugh a lot!

Much love, Suzanne
p.s. Thanks for your honesty and for your reply. :)