Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What a Dilemma

Boy have I got a decision to make. I am in the process of applying for a government job through the VA medical system. I spent half of the day getting blood drawn, finger pronted, drug screen and a physical. I filled out two huge bundles of paper work and then they had me log online and fill out another huge bundle for a background check. It has been a serious hassle and ordeal to apply for this job. But now I have to make a decision. I have to decide if this is really the career move I want to make. The position is a supervisor position, so it would be an upward career move, and it would pay better. The problem is that I have been at my current job for awhile, I really like the people I work with, and they just offered me a promotion and a 6% raise to stay. I'm just having a hard time coming to a decision. Well, thank you all for listening to my venting. Sometimes it helps to get things off of your chest. Perhaps you can give me workds of encouragement and a fresh aspect to look at that I have missed. I am patiently awaiting and welcoming you input.

Your friend,
Dazed and Confused.


Mr. Shife said...

Well good luck in your decision making. Sometimes money is not everything and if you are truly happy where you are at then why leave. But then again it is hard to pass up a good opportunity. I guess that isn't too helpful. Maybe sleep on it and see what job pops in your head first in the morning and go for it.
By the way thanks for stopping by my blog. It is indeed interesting with all the characters that stop by. Come back anytime and say hello.

CSI Seattle said...

I wished I had a bit more information on your current job and the possible new one. I for one like upward movement in the business world. However, I am also a huge supporter of retirement related benefits, such as 401K (or similar), stock options, pension, and medical after retirement. I don't know if either of these jobs offer these things, but it can factor into your current decision.

The other consideration is the longevity of either one of these companies. When the boom a few years ago kicked in, Seattle was right in the for creating companies that took a dump just a few years later. Stability is a huge factor as well.

(I sound very business like, don't I?)

You must have been looking for a job when you got this new offer, so I suspect that you are at least interested in making the move. I say do it (assuming all the other things I mentioned work for you). I am all for change and moving forward.

If you decide not to make the move, well, it doesn't sound like too bad a place to be.

Chat soon and often,


bindhiya said...

Dear Cecile,
thank you for checking on baby is the one making me more busy now a days. she love our walk but past few days we are "locked up" she want me to carry her all the time, no nap....

about the job scenario... CSI has given you answer....
I hope you'll find a answer soon.