Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fireflies, Frogs, and Beavers

The weather was beautiful today! The type of weather I would love to have year round. Mostly sunny, about 70 degrees, with a nice warm breeze. It was perfect for bike riding, which the boys and I did. But it really gave me a severe case of spring fever, in early January! So, in honor of today's weather, my poems will be about fireflies, frogs, and beavers. My poem selections are sort of yin and yang, so let's start with the yang first.

A Fireflies Light

My life is like that of a firefly

stuck on a cold windshield.

I fly through the night touching the sky,

the trees, the wind and the fields.

When from out of nowhere a truck smacks into me,

and within an instant my life is ending.

But for a fleeting moment, my light lives on

with the waning taillights, though, soon it is gone.

Now I'm just a spot at which the driver stares.

He's not really seeing me 'cause he really doesn't care.

And now for the yin.

“Moon Beams and Froggy”

On a hot summer night, beside the water’s edge,

there stands a beaver, his name is Ed.

He stands near the water where the lily flower grows,

and watches the silver moon beams dance to and fro.

In the still of the night, drifting out of the fog

suddenly appears a giant green frog.

He hops along croaking an old Froggy tune of dragonflies,

and lady bugs, and bandit eyed raccoons.

He weaves a tall tale of magic and wonder.

He tells about a pixie parade that ends with a shower of thunder.

He sings through the night about sorrow and joy,

about frolicking in meadows and being chased by boys.

But in the wee morning hours, just before the rise of the sun,

the old frog grows silent, his Froggy tune is done.

And he swims through the dark water to his home hidden away,

leaving Ed, the beaver, to stare in his wake.

Ed gives a big yawn, and then says with a grin,

“I can’t wait till tonight when the old frog comes again.

He is a good storyteller, as you all can see,

so I’ll be sure to bring a friend or two back here with me.”

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

You're poems are terrific! I was sad for the dragonfly however, because I'm not too keen on death and because I love them.

I don't have time tonight to read through your whole blog, but I'll be back. It's wonderful. Your kids and dog are beautiful. You're a lucky woman. And they're all fortunate to have you.

Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. It's wonderful to meet you and I look forward to discovering this blogging thing along with you and many others. Isn't it amazing?

Till next time,
XO Suzanne