Friday, January 18, 2008

My Burger King Napkin Poem

Yes, I know this two blog posts in one day thing is becoming quite a habit for me. What can I say, I have an obsessive personality. But, I wanted to share with you a poem that I wrote while I was watching my boys play at Burger King tonight.

With confidence as fragile as porcelain glass, they walk through life with their heads held high.

I'm unable to remember my life gone past, those dark days before their beautiful smiles.

With their precious innocence, they tackle each day, eager to learn, to love, and to play.

Right now they are too young to realize the power they hold over my heart.

For without them, my life would fall apart.

They bring my life sunshine, they bring my life joy.

My life wouldn't be a life without the love of my boys.


bindhiya said...

Dear Cecile,
Loved your poem....

thanks for sharing..

cher said...

that is an awesome poem! it explains what you can only really feel if you are a parent.
now write one about wanting to rip your hair out because they are driving you nuts!

'54Bomber said...

Hello again,
This two posts a day is certainly raising the bar :) I can't keep up. That's another great poem. Show it to your boys on their 18th or 21st. BTW I wonder if you could help me? How do you show the original post in the comments page?

Cecile said...

Well when you write your comment in the comment box, look to your left there should be a blue highlight link that read Show Original Post. Click on it and it will show it. You can Hide Original Post too. Hope that helps.

Suzanne said...

Well as you all know, I am not a parent, but know what it is to love wee-ones. What a beautiful poem.

Love you and good job!