Monday, January 7, 2008

A showcase of my work.

Today I thought I would showcase some of my paintings. The one below is entitled, "The City by the River". It is the first painting I ever attempted.

"Serenity Now" is one of my favorite paintings. This is a self portrait (well, sort of) I do actually have eyes, a nose, and a mouth. I have ears too! But I love to sit in the woods beside a flowing stream. Mother Nature is a wonderful artist. Way better than me anyway.

"Pterodactyl " was done for my son, Nathan a couple of years ago. At that time, pink was his favorite color. He was, and still is, crazy about dinosaurs. I wanted to give him something special for his Birthday that year, and this is what he got.

Of course, I could not leave out Forrest. His favorite color at the time of this painting was yellow, and he called himself "The Yellow Lion", hence, the painting. Forrest was upset with this painting because the Lion did not have a nest, and he wanted eggs and a baby. Oh well, maybe he can appreciate it later in life.

"Hilltop View" is a special painting for me. It is suppose to symbolize one of my best friends and her dog. Sure, her dog looks like a cat, but you would have never know it was suppose to be a dog if I hadn't told you. (that was me trying to be funny. Yep, I suck at humor.)

And finally, the showcase of my living room. "By the Light of The Moon".
We moved into a new house a few years ago and I was searching for a nice big painting to go on the big wall behind the couch. I couldn't find anything I liked within budget, so I created my own. So this is the other side of my creativity. Stay tuned, Nature photography will be next.

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jeanetta said...

wheres the one of the man and woman i love that one.