Saturday, January 19, 2008

For those days when they are driving me nuts.

Kicking and screaming,

Tearing and swearing.

If they keep this up much longer,

I won't be caring,

About who is the bad one and who is the good

I'd just run away if I thought that I could.

This fighting is not ceasing,

It never will stop,

It just keeps on going,

It's past twelve o clock.

They are biting and clawing and throwing their toys,

and making the most horrible kind of noise.

I've tried everything,
from spankings to bribes.

There is not a drug that the Doc can prescribe

to cure me of this evil that resides in my crib.

Yes, I am talking about my sweet little kids.

They're ornery and rotten, their nasty and mean.

They only like candy, but hate pinto beans.

They barrage me with questions, with demands galore,

They have so many toys, I can't see the floor.

They are just spoiled rotten from their head to their toes,

I hate when they won't let me blow their runny nose.

But some how I love them, though they are dastardly beasts.

They always look like angels, well at least when they sleep.


bindhiya said...

Yes, they look like angels!!!
I don't believe they do all those stuff. Sweet babies...

Resonator said...

hi cecile;

thanks for yo comments. ur kids look so sweet. Whenever am in solitude, ma heads wd b filled with poems(mostly it ll be my emotions for my family n friends). Sometimes even at work, it wd run in ma head but i never put effort to take pause n to write it in paper.

sweet dreams,


CSI Seattle said...

Oh my goodness, how I can relate. Although most parents likely can. What do your boys think about being in the blog? I suspect that it's a kick for them.

BTW: Happy Birthday!

bindhiya said...

Happy Birthday Cecile!!!

Suzanne said...

I came here to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you're having a wonderful day sweetie and that the kids are still sleeping (the photo is precious).Sounds like you could use the vacation.

I told you, spanking doesn't work. Watch that Nanny show darn it. I'll find out what night and network it's on, then would like you to plant your butt in front of the tube and enjoy the ride. Your poem was so much "fun," but only because I'm not a parent. But I can relate because I had 7 younger siblings when I left for college, the youngest three were 6, 4 and 3. So you see, I do understand.

Love you dear. It's so nice to see you every where I go. What a great group. Have a beautiful day and a productive, happy year.

XO Suzanne

'54Bomber said...

Hi Cecile,
This poem reminds of growing up with my two brothers and sisters.
Talk about sibling rivalry! We were the worst kids on the block!
BTW Good luck with your Microbiology Specialist Exam :)
Hop back over to Brian's place for
some helpful advice :)

Cecile said...

Just for the record.... My boys are not as bad as I made them out to be in this poem. I used a little poetic licensing to make it rather humorous. I'm not saying that they couldn't be that bad... I'm just saying that usually they are'nt. Thanks everyone for my birthday wishes. You all are great and I love reading what you all have to say, so don't ever go away!!!

'54Bomber said...

Understand what you mean - been there done that :)
With our Helen we are heading towards the teen angst years.
Helen will be 15 in February. Jo said it has been relatively quiet so far but on reflection remembered that she herself didn't become unruly until about 17.

Suzanne said...

Love your posts and comments. Always fun to come here. ALWAYS. We're stuck to you like felcro honey, I don't think we're going to be going away. Even if you try to make us go, I can't see a single one leaving. I guess that would technically be called stalking. Hummmmmmm. You may have to report that to CSI.

Love you,

cher said...

that poem was AWESOME cecile!!! just totally awesome!

its so hard to imagine sleeping kids being full on brats.

you are very good at writing. too bad you have come into my life after my last contest. you would have won i'm sure!